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Sustainable Merton

As Merton's local environmental charity, Sustainable Merton is inspiring, influencing and mobilising residents, businesses and key decision makers to be part of the solution to issues affecting the Merton community and our environment.

From reducing our consumption of energy and resources and valuing fresh, local food, to taking action to breathe cleaner air and reduce emissions, Sustainable Merton aims to influence the changes that will make our borough a healthier, happier and more sustainable community, now and for future generations to come.

The Loving Earth Project, founded by Merton resident Linda Murgatroyd, is a new community project that celebrates people, places, creatures and other things we love but which are threatened by growing environmental breakdown. The project aims to help people engage with the challenging issues of the Climate Crisis and species extinction using artsand crafts and motivated by love and to inspire people to make connections, change their behaviour and live a more sustainable lifestyle for a better future.


Our thanks go to:

The Merton Giving fund for their financial support for the project

The Loving Earth Project for their guidance and expert knowledge

Centre Court Shopping for allowing us to exhibit in a beautiful shop unit

Cecilija Berg for her creative curation of the exhibition

The Sustainable Merton staff and volunteer team for making this happen

Nattie Design for the promotional design and website coordination and

Lee O’Connor Design for the website creation

And most of all, to all of you who participated.

Loving Earth Panel, Linda (Original).png
Loving Earth Project - Trees.png
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